Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Installation Procedure of PMD for Eclipse

1. Start Eclipse.

2. Start the installation procedure : select the Help>Software Updates>Find and Install... menu item.

3. Select "Search for new features to install" option and click Next.

4. Click New Remote Site...

5. Give a name (i.e. PMD Eclipse), enter the URL and hit OK

6. Select ‘PMD Eclipse’ in the Sites to include in search list and click Finish.

7. Check box before PMD Eclipse in the "Select the features to install" list.

8. Expand the PMD Eclipse by clicking on the + sign before it,

9. Uncheck the box before the text “Show the latest version of a feature only”

10. Check the box with the current Eclipse version, uncheck any other box and click Next.

11. Accept the terms of the license agreements and click Next.

12. Verify that the install location is your Eclipse installation directory, otherwise select the correct one, click Finish.

13. A warning appear telling the feature is not signed. Ignore and click Install to continue.

14. Accept to restart the workbench to load PMD into the workbench.

URL for usage: Click Here


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